About Us

Who We Are

Our mandate

To be the implementation arm of the Gauteng Department of Economic Development and to assist the department to lead, facilitate and manage sustainable job creation and inclusive economic growth and development in the Gauteng City Region.

Our vision

To be the premier catalyst of innovative and sustainable growth and socio-economic development within the southern African region.

Our mission

To create an enabling environment for growth targeted investment facilitation, strategic infrastructure development and social transformation, thus positioning Gauteng as a leading Global City Region.

Our Subsidiaries

Our Business Units

Strategic Partnerships and Co-ordination

Serves as the critical link in the Gauteng investment value chain. It focuses on providing potential investors with a centralised resource through which to investigate, initiate and launch businesses in the province.

Business Intelligence and Planning

Their primary output is to improve the GGDA and the province’s ability to conceptualise and implement targeted initiatives that will grow the key sectors and sub-sectors of the economy.


Their focus is to attract investment, and to successfully establish Gauteng as a preferred destination for investment opportunities. At the same time, they actively promote export opportunities for Gauteng-based businesses.

Strategic Promotions and Marketing

They profile the GGDA, support other business units and provide an oversight role in respect of the marketing and communications activities of the GGDA’s subsidiaries.


They provide holistic management over multiple projects and serve as an overarching umbrella organisation that maintains oversight and quality assurance over multiple programmes and projects.

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