Provide project management support for strategic economic infrastructure projects.
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Provide transversal services in respect of centralized and coordinated management of capital infrastructure projects, i.e. project management support functions along the project cycle to:

  • Gauteng ICT & Media SEZ
  • Green Economy
  • Project oversight, incubation and development
  • Gauteng Municipal infrastructure projects
  • Serve as registrar of Gauteng Economic Infrastructure projects

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Programme Objectives

  • To increase investment in economic infrastructure delivery programmes through appropriate project packaging and optimal deal structuring
  • To develop and support Special Economic Zones in the Gauteng Province
  • To support sustainable economic development through Green Economic approaches
  • To ensure Sound Project Management processes incorporating risk management and quality standards
  • To ensure Prudential Appraisal of economic infrastructure projects
  • To ensure Stakeholder Engagement and management

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  • Administrative support for project managers
  • Collating and reporting project status to senior management
  • Providing standards, methodologies and a set of PM tools
  • Managing project documentation (including risk registers, schedules, incident logs etc) Promoting project management within the organization
  • Providing estimating, scheduling and risk management expertise to PMs
  • Coordinating plans between projects and reviewing resource use
  • Reviewing project performance
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