Newtown is situated in Johannesburg’s inner city and forms part of the city’s cultural and creative hub, boasting an array of district houses theatres, art galleries, museums, restaurants, book stores, craft markets, clubs and cafes.

In the early Twentieth Century, the area was originally used primarily for brick-making since the land was rich in clay. Due to its easy access to Johannesburg’s railway lines, Newtown became a commercial and trading hub for banks, brick companies, breweries and fisheries, establishing the area.

The district has a politically turbulent past, and, due to its multiracial diversity,was the scene of some of the first forced removals in Gauteng implemented by the apartheid government. Today, Newtown remains resolutely colour-blind with artists of all races converging there.

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124 Main Street
Marshalltown, Johannesburg,
South Africa

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