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The GGDA is an official trade and investment agency of the Gauteng City Region. The GGDA’s key purpose is to maximise the effect of developing the economy of Gauteng, by supporting the growth of the cooperatives economy, facilitation of trade and investment and increased strategic economic infrastructure.

The GGDA is a provincial public entity listed under Schedule 3C of the Public Finance Management Act.

The GGDA is funded by the provincial government of the Gauteng Department of Economic Development,

Our clients include domestic and foreign investors, exporters and foreign buyers.

The GGDA offers advisory services on export promotion, provides export developing training programmes, leads on trade and our research can be used for market development.

The GGDA does not provide finance, however, we can offer you relevant advice on the financial institutions that you could approach for funding – based on the type or nature of your business. We can also help link you to our relevant strategic partners.

The Export Development and Promotion Unit provides capacity building training programmes on the following subjects:

• Product knowledge relevant to export
• Conducting market research
• Understanding the Export Registration process, as well as the foreign and domestic Trade Regulations
• Understanding the Export Process which includes information on Contracts, Letters of Credit, Shipping Agents and Clearing and Forwarding agents.

Yes. The Trade, Investment and Regulatory Enablement unit offers training workshops across various sectors.

It is a process of identifying and engaging investors to set up their businesses in a specified business location or destination.

GGDA offers advisory services on export promotion, and provides export development training programmes.

GGDA does not provide finance, it offers relevant advice on financial institutions that can possibly fund the type or the nature of your business and linking you to our strategic partner – the Gauteng Enterprise Propeller. Visit their website here:

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