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Aqua Air Africa (Pty) Ltd

Taste of Inspiration

Aqua Air Africa (Pty) Ltd is a BBBEE level 1 atmospheric water generating company that produces premium, clean and safe drinking water from the atmosphere with the use of atmospheric water generators. We are able to do this through Africa’s First Atmospheric Water Generation Plant that we launched in November 2019, which generates up to 10 000 litres of water per day from the atmosphere. The water goes through a purification process inclusive of a multistep filtration system, UV sterilization, and ozonation to produce high-quality drinking water that is then safely bottled and distributed across South Africa. Our product range includes 330ml, 500ml, and 750ml-glass bottled water.


330ml Premium Atmospheric Still Water
330ml Premium Atmospheric Still Water
HS CODE220110
500ml Premium Atmospheric Still Water
500ml Premium Atmospheric Still Water
HS CODE220110

Countries Exporting to

Botswana flag
Country CodeBW


Land Area
581,730 km2

GDP 27.06 Billion

Lesotho flag
Country CodeLS


Land Area
30,355 km2

GDP 3.293 Billion

Swaziland flag
Country CodeSZ


Land Area
17,364 km2

GDP 5.702 Billion

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