1. Introduction

The Gauteng Provincial Government (GPG) laid the foundation for staging the first Gauteng Infrastructure Investment Conference (GIIC). The conference took place after engagements between the Premier and stakeholders in the private sector, the aim was to attract private sector investment into the Gauteng City Region and to profile key infrastructure projects in the province.

The GIIC provided a platform for the GPG to engage with private sector to pursue the Transformation, Re- industrialization and Modernisation (TMR) strategy. More than 1700 delegates attended the conference, mainly from the private sector, other delegates included policy- makers, fund and investment managers, private equity firms, development funding institutions (DFI), banks, town planners, engineers, academics and ICT and broadband specialist.

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The objectives of the conference were to:

·         Attract private sector investment, both domestic and international, into Gauteng City Region economy;

·         Strengthen and codify the emerging partnerships and collaboration between government and the private sector;

·         Raise capital for infrastructure development projects;

·         Position the Gauteng City Region as a competitive investment destination;

·         Profile key Gauteng City Region infrastructure projects;

·         Strategically position the Gauteng City Region as the entry point to other key markets on our continent;

·         Position the Transformation, Modernisation and Re- industrialization (TMR) strategy as a game changer for the Gauteng City Region;

·         Profile the macro-economic impact and gains of all Gauteng infrastructure projects to date and;

·         Highlight the job creation opportunities and poverty alleviation associated with infrastructure development.


The conference programme covered, the following broad areas:

·         The TMR vision and opportunities up to 2030;

·         Partnership between government and the private sector;

·         Raising capital and financing new economic infrastructure; and

Delivery of the South African infrastructure plan.


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