Their focus is to attract investment, and to successfully establish Gauteng as a preferred destination for investment opportunities. It does this by generating increased inward investment and, at the same time, actively promoting of export opportunities for Gauteng-based businesses.

Business Intelligence and Planning

  • Their primary output is to improve the GGDA and the province’s ability to conceptualise and implement targeted initiatives that will grow the key sectors and sub-sectors of the economy and accelerate inclusive economic growth. The unit develop information and products that drive the GGDA strategy and projects. It plays a key role in positioning GGDA as a market thought leader, and focus on influencing and informing the broader economic development strategy across the province.

Strategic Partnerships and

Serves as the critical link in the Gauteng investment value chain. It focuses on providing potential investors with a centralised resource through which to investigate, initiate and launch businesses in the province. At the same time, the unit is the platform through which the GGDA builds relationships with key stakeholders.