Our Focus

The GGDA is committed to creating an inclusive and transformed Gauteng economy that is focused on creating jobs, developing skills, developing innovative and sustainable enterprises, developing strategic economic infrastructure, increasing exports to the continent, and increasing foreign and domestic direct investment.

We open possibilities

By bringing smart strategic opportunities to the table and supporting businesses through a modern and relevant economic infrastructure, we ensure Gauteng’s economy prospers.

We make it easy to do business, locally or globally

We’ve taken great care to streamline our services. We cut through that all-too familiar bureaucratic red tape with linked infrastructure between our office and other Government departments.

We support business

Our drive and commitment in growing and supporting sustainable businesses that are firmly rooted in Gauteng, is only one of the many directives we are tasked with. We facilitate networks, help with administrative, legislative and financial advice, and are committed to taking your business further.

We grow business

Our aim is to speedily develop the economy of Gauteng and create jobs.  We do investment promotion, facilitation of trade and investment, export expansion and support SMME development and growth.





Our Services

Project Appraisal

Working with our development finance (DFI) partners to assess a case for proceeding with a project or proposal.


Facilitating access to national and local government incentives.


Services include local and foreign business retention, expansion and aftercare.

Investment Promotion

Hosting and coordinating inward and outward delegations to promote Gauteng as a premier investment destination.

Site Identification and Evaluation

Undertaking the co-ordination, pre-planning and evaluation of sites for our clients and post-investment site visits.

Sector Economic Data Provision

Providing and disseminating market intelligence on sectoral and regional economic data.

Business Permits (with the DTI)

Assisting with company registrations and work permits.

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